New costumes added weekly!
New costumes added weekly!
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Welcome to Online Dance Costumes


Yay! You found us! Online Dance Costumes. All are new costumes or samples - never worn, and available for retail purchase! It is a vast collection of small troupes and one-offs, many at bargain prices. Yes - they are genuine Curtain Call Costumes at great prices! The costumes are in our Sydney Warehouse, they have been imported already! 


How often do we add costumes...

We add new costumes nearly every day! That means your choice changes all the time! If you want something buy it - it may not be there tomorrow! There are some costumes we can order more of but it is a small percentage! So please email.


Teachers / Dance School Owners

Hi! Please note: you can order from our current catalogue (see ) at special pricing! Please email us for more information.



If you have never purchased a Curtain Call Costume before - definitely read the "How To Size" page. I'm often told by people that other's recommend using the Girth as the main measurement! Umm.... NO! If your kids is tall and skinny, the costume will look awful! If your kid has a fuller build - it will be too tight! My best recommendation is make sure there is enough material ie. If it's a little big in the bust and a little small in the waist - there will be enough stretch in the costume! If it's way too big everywhere it will be baggy!!



We do our best to ship as quickly as possible - if you need in under 5 days please let us know it is an urgent ship!



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  • Ann Shaffer on

    Hello there, our order number is SH1018 being shipped to West Hobart Tasmania. It would be wonderful if you could urgent ship… Tassie can be a bit longer than most states. Muchly appreciate it as we only just found you tonight and concert is very soon. Warm regards, Ann.

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